Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of a quote provided by Weblator constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions*:

Designs and specification
If a 3rd party designer is to be used for a project then Weblator requires that design proofs are supplied for the key sections before beginning the build. The designs must be finalised and approved. Any amendments to designs made after the project development has begun may incur additional costs.

Failure by the client to supply designs and/or specifications for any aspect of the build may necessitate Weblator estimating the functionality or layout/design. However, any such estimations shall be deemed acceptable to the client upon request that the project is made live (that is making it available for use by the public or intended audience). Any amendments to the brief required by the client at any stage of the project may be chargeable.

Data, images and copy 
Weblator requires the opportunity to approve the format of any data, images or copy which are supplied for inclusion. Weblator reserve the right to request amendments to the format of any such data, images or copy at any time. If the format of any such supplied data, images or copy is altered by the client, additional costs may be incurred to cover extra work required.

All imagery, copy and any other data supplied to Weblator or uploaded via the CMS (Content Management System) must be legal for use for the relevant project and the end-client must warrant that any such imagery, copy or other data is correct. Weblator shall not be responsible for any errors or legal issues arising from the imagery, copy or other data used.

Data entry
Unless specifically stated in our written quote, Weblator will not perform data entry (whether manual data entry or imported) and do not include any data entry related costs in our quote. If data entry is required, please request this at the time of quotation.

Where data entry is to be performed by Weblator, we require a comprehensive sample of the data to be input prior to beginning the project build. This is in order that we may ensure that database structuring is appropriate to the format and type of data to be input.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a request by the client to set the project live (that is making it available for use by the public or intended audience) shall be deemed to constitute the client's acceptance that all work by Weblator has been carried out satisfactorily.

Since web browsers and their associated software change regularly, we can only test on web browsers (and associated software) which are current and available as a stable release at the time of development. If a new version of a web browser is released subsequently to our development time, there is a chance that it may break compatibility and thus extra work may be required to remedy this. Any such extra work may be chargeable to the client since Weblator are unable to predict changes which are made by 3rd parties.

User guide
If your website has a content management system (CMS) then this will be built to be as user friendly as possible. The system will be annotated where applicable and we will be happy to talk through how to use the CMS over the phone. If a user guide or a face-to-face tutorial is desired then this may incur additional charges.

Unless specifically requested by the client, Weblator reserves the right to use any project as a portfolio item which may be listed on our (or a 3rd party) website. If a client feels at any stage that this is inappropriate, we ask that the client contacts us to discuss the matter.

Software licensing
Weblator retains full ownership and copyright of all software produced, instead granting a license of usage for software. This license of use has no time-limit unless specifically stated. Weblator expressly forbids alteration, re-distribution and/or re-use of any or all parts of any such software unless specifically approved by Weblator in advance in writing.

Template licensing
If we are using a commercially available template for your project you will be notified of this at quotation stage. If a commercially available template is used on your website then it is important that you adhere to the terms and conditions within the related template license.

Provided that the code (including but not limited to PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, (X)HTML and/or CSS) provided by Weblator is not altered in any way by persons not employed by Weblator, then Weblator will provide support for software bugs arising from content added via the CMS free of charge where a fault arises directly from code produced and supplied by Weblator. Weblator may either choose not to offer support or to charge for any support provided if the source-code has been altered by persons other than Weblator employees.

Weblator does not guarantee that our work will be compatible with all web browsers and other software, especially those which are made publicly available after completion of the project since this is not practicable. Weblator will attempt to ensure correct layout and operation of projects across as many popular web browsers as possible within limitations imposed by design/layout, required functionality, timescale and budget.

Weblator no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (or older versions) unless specifically instructed to do so by the client. Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or older may incur extra charges and development time due to the increased workload required.

If a project is to move to another hosting provider then this will need to be discussed and specifically approved by Weblator in advance in writing. Weblator can not guarantee that the system will work 100% correctly on another hosting solution. Any remedial or configuration work required may incur additional costs to be charged by Weblator.

Errors, bugs, omissions and hosting down-time
Weblator are not liable for any costs, losses or damages resulting from errors, bugs, omissions, down-time or any other problems with our code or hosting provision. Weblator will attempt to remedy such problems as quickly as possible. Weblator will also not be liable for any resulting costs if the system fails any 3rd party testing procedures.

Payment terms
All invoices sent will be sent electronically and must be paid in full by the payment due date stated on the invoice. Upfront payments (usually 50%) must be made and cleared in Weblator's bank account prior to commencement of work.

Unless otherwise stated, once Weblator are satisfied that our work is complete, Weblator will notify the client in writing (usually by email) and expect that all amendments will be passed to Weblator (in writing) within 10 working days of receipt of our notification. Failure to notify Weblator within the aforementioned timeframe will result in the full remaining balance for the project being invoiced and payable subject to payment terms as detailed. Amendments further to the original quotation may be charged for.

If you require extra time to carry out data entry for example after our work is complete then this will not prevent our invoice being issued. Once our work is complete our invoice will be raised.

Weblator reserve the right to remove or suspend all services and to cease any new or outstanding work until unpaid invoice payments are made in full. Weblator also reserve the right to pass on charges to the client resulting from overdue payments.

Recurring service/products
All recurring services (e.g. Domains, Hosting, SSL Certificates, Spam & Virus Email Filter) will be renewed until Weblator is notified by the client in writing of a cancellation. Unless otherwise stated, Weblator requires at least one week (7 days) notice of cancellation prior to the renewal date of the service If cancellation is requested after this time, Weblator may charge up to the full renewal cost. Weblator will make every effort to inform clients of upcoming renewal dates but it is the clients responsibility to notify us if a service should be cancelled. If you wish to know a renewal date for a recurring service please contact Weblator.

Weblator will not be liable for any related damages/costs if a service is not renewed when it should be.

* Weblator reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.