Why creating a wedding website can benefit you


Why creating a wedding website can benefit you

People are spending more time in front of their computers, mobile, and tablet devices these days. Whether they’re online shopping, reading the latest news headlines, catching up with old school friends, or even finding love - it seems that the digital world is consuming us all. So, it makes sense that we’re seeing an increase in people requesting wedding websites that they can use on the lead up to the biggest day of their lives.

We’ve put together some reasons why having a wedding website can benefit both the soon-to-weds and their guests, which you can find below.

Did the plans change? No problem. Plans can change, it happens, which is why a wedding website with up-to-date information can come in handy. It’s not like a paper invitation, that once sent out into the wild, can never be retrieved. Because it’s in the virtual world, your wedding website can easily be updated with a click of a button. It’s also eco friendly, so you won’t be wasting paper each time you need to send out a batch of invitations.

Managing your guestlist. So, the design is in place and you’ve got all your details on the website, what now? That’s right, the guests. Knowing who will be attending your wedding is very important, and being able to easily manage the guestlist can get rid of a lot of stress during the planning stages. RSVPs can be sent directly through a contact form and stored in a database, accessible only to the Bride and Groom, which is much easier to manage than lots of bits of paper RSVPs slips floating about.

The dreaded gift list. It can be a bit awkward asking people for gifts in order to celebrate your wedding day. However, having a dedicated section for gift ideas on your website can eliminate this problem as your guests can choose from a selection of gifts they know for certain you’d like. You could even request some spending money towards a honeymoon, or allow your guests to sponsor a charity on behalf of them.

Guests can easily find the venue. When it’s your special day, you won’t have time to deal with friends and family calling you to ask for directions. Your wedding website can include venue details such as location, contact numbers, and Google Map functionality for guests to easily access before they make their journey.

Share your memories. Just because you've tied the knot, it doesn't mean that you have to get rid of your website. Think of it as an everlasting archive of your special day, one that you can look back on from time-to-time. Some people may use their website to upload photos and videos from the wedding and send the link to guests, or familiy and friends that couldn't quite make it.

The beauty of a wedding website is that it’s all about you, and not something that needs to go through the approval of one hundred and one different business executives. You have the final say, choosing to have as many or as little features as you like - all which are designed specifically to suit your wedding’s theme or colour scheme!

We have recently launched a new wedding site that can be found here.
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