Weblator launch music community website, God's Jukebox


Weblator launch music community website, God's Jukebox

We are proud to announce the launch of our very own music community website, God's Jukebox.

Once a user has created an account on God's Jukebox, they are able to post their current favourite track to the site... whether that be a brand new release, a forgotten classic or a unearthed obscure gem.

In a similar vein to other popular social networks, such as Twitter and Instagram, it is possible to 'follow' users who share similar musical tastes. As a result, each user has access to a ready-made playlist of endorsed tracks to explore from the people they are following.

Each track posted on the Jukebox can be 'liked' and commented on, which contributes to the community spirit that is developing on the site.

God's Jukebox was launched on 12th September 2015, and already we are approaching 1,000 registered users.

The site is built upon Weblator CMS, and allows us to spread our creative wings in areas we would not normally have the chance. There are lots of updates scheduled for 2016, and we look forward to implementing the lessons we learn from God's Jukebox in future client based website projects.

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