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Weblator Ecommerce

Weblator Ecommerce is an extension of Weblator CMS, and enables you to sell products online. Weblator Ecommerce can be linked to a range of payment handlers, including SagePay and PayPal.

Front end

The front-end is feature rich and includes all the functionality you would expect from a top-end online shop. The look-and-feel can be tailored to your needs, and a unique skin can be built so that your shop really stands out from the crowd.

The front-end includes as standard:

  • Slick product listing and details pages
  • An integrated product review system
  • Product up-selling and cross-selling
  • Intelligent product categorising and filtering tools
  • An intuitive cart and checkout process
  • 'My account' section for each registered user

Placing orders is safe and secure, and the checkout can be linked to a range of payment handlers such as SagePay and PayPal.

Back end

The back-end is intuitive and user friendly. Managing your products, processing orders and monitoring the shops performance is a breeze.

The back-end includes as standard:

  • A user friendly product management area
  • A sophisticated shipping section, where delivery options can be configured
  • An intuitive order manager where orders can be processed and packing slips can be printed
  • Useful statistics and reporting tools to monitor the shop's success


Email Alerts

Email alerts can be automatically sent at all stages of a customer's website journey, keeping them informed on progress, and providing subtle nudges on points that require action.
For example, alerts can be triggered for the following events:

  • Account registration
  • Placing an order
  • Change in order status
  • Reminder of an abandoned cart
  • Reminder to leave a review on purchased products

Alerts are an ideal way to keep your customers in the loop, and improve the overall shopping experience.

Loyalty Points Scheme

Weblator Ecommerce also includes an optional loyalty points scheme which automatically rewards customers for placing orders and completing other website interactions. Customers can redeem loyalty points at checkout in order to receive discounts on their chosen products.

For example, loyalty points can be rewarded for the following actions:

  • Account registration
  • Placing an order
  • Leaving a review on a purchased product
  • Referring a friend to the site

The loyalty points scheme is a great way to help turn visitors into returning customers, and improve the website's ecosystem by providing an incentive for leaving product reviews.


Weblator Ecommerce is not a rigid platform and can be tailored to your requirements. If you have any specific requirements or features then these can be built in easily upon request.


Customers can pay securely using a selection of payment methods
Products can be added via a user friendly interface
Loyalty schemes and discount codes reward your customers for their loyalty
A statistics area allows you to delve into how well your shop is performing
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