A Content Management System
that is

Weblator CMS

Over the years we have been developing our own Content Management System, which we call Weblator CMS. Weblator CMS forms the core of the majority of the sites we build and we're extremely proud of its power and flexibility.


The front-end is what a general web-user will see when they visit your website. The Weblator CMS can be 'skinned' to match your designs or to meet your unique specifications.

As standard, the front-end includes:

  • A homepage, featuring feeds from key website sections
  • Unlimited text pages
  • A blogging platform, with comments and social networking sharing tools
  • Image galleries
  • Contact page with embedded Googlemap and contact form

The back-end is a password protected area that allows you to manage your website content. Updating content is quick and easy.

In summary, the back-end includes:

  • A dashboard featuring easily digestible website statistics
  • Intuitive data entry forms for adding and editing your content
  • Image uploaders, with automatic resizing and cropping tools
  • User management
  • Comprehensive reporting to monitor your website's performance

As standard, Weblator CMS comes with all the building blocks needed for a standard website. However if custom functionality is required, this is where Weblator CMS really shines.

Our system is designed to be malleable, so adding completely bespoke functionality is a breeze.

Over the years Weblator CMS has been used to build all manor of custom systems.

For example:

  • Online incentive platforms
  • Warehouse management applications
  • eLearning platforms
  • Survey systems
  • Dating websites
  • Career application systems
  • etc

...you name it, we have probably built it - using Weblator CMS as the basis.


Once logged in to back-end the dashboard displays a range of useful stats
Website settings and styling can be easily tweaked via the user friendly interface
Content and images can be easily added, edited and deleted
All contacts received through your website are stored in an online archive
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