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Track Access Productions

Track Access Productions have been working for a safer railway since 2001, creating Route Learning Films, Training Materials, Mapping and Driver Briefing for both Train Operating Companies and Network Rail. 

The Brief:

Track Access Productions were looking for a website with a secure login area where content such as embedded training videos and route mapping documents could be access by their extensive member list.

Our Solution:

The website is built on Weblator CMS, so adding content to the site for the various companies is easy and intuative. The site features a a bespoke categorisation system for the documents and an importer so a batch of members can be easily added via the backend. The system also features a secure login token, which enables users to bypass the login screen when the system is accessed from certain 3rd party platforms. We were also involved in setting the system up on their own dedicated Cloud Hosting platform, ensuring the system runs smoothly and has plenty of room for growth.