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Max Subscriptions

Max Publishing is a leading business to business publishing house based from London, with global reach. They publish market-leading titles across licensing and consumer product sectors, including gifts, greetings, calendars, housewares, toy, nursery, party, fancy dress, balloon and more.

The Brief:

We were approached by our long term client Max Publishing to create a platform with multiple eCommerce streams. Visitors of the websites would be able to subscribe to their publications, buy tickets to their events, make one-off payments, and even enter a raffles in real-time at their events.

Our Solution:

Built in Weblator CMS, we created a user friendly site that allows visitors to easily find their desired product and checkout with in a minimal number of steps. The site is linked to the Stripe payment gateway, and includes functionality so the ticket and publication areas work within iframes, to also allow purchasing via external websites.