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Home Builders Visitor Card

The Home Builders Visitors Card provides a means to verify that people who visit Home Building sites across the UK have the basic knowledge and understanding of health and safety on site.

The Brief:

HBSP asked us to build them a system where individuals could apply for and be issued with virtual or physical Home Builders Visitors Cards.

Our Solution:

The system is built on Weblator CMS, and has a user friendly application process which allows visitors to apply for the virtual or physical cards. The website has various API integrations including an API check to ensure that the applicant has the appropriate CITB qualifications. The successful applicant's data is then passed across to Reference Point's Gencarda API where the cards are generated. The backend of the site provides a status overview, and in-depth reporting on the various API calls for each application. There are also exporter tools available so the application data can be exported and analysed outside of our system.