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God's Jukebox

God's Jukebox is an online community in which music is shared, discovered and loved. God's Jukebox is one of our very own side projects, and allows us to spread our creative wings in areas we would not normally have the chance.

The Brief:

The big idea was that users can register an account on God's Jukebox, and then select their favourite track to post... whether that be a brand new release, a forgotten classic or a unearthed obscure gem. By following others, each member has a ready-made playlist of endorsed tracks to explore. All tracks posted on the Jukebox have 'liking' and commenting facilities, so that all tracks that are posted are open to recieve feedback from other members of the community.

Our Solution:

Powered by our Weblator CMS, God's Jukebox was launched back in September 2015 and already has a healthy number of registered members. The community spirt on the site is very strong, with new tracks being posted every few minutes! The system is intergrated with a number of 3rd party APIs (such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon) and includes all the features you would expect from a social network, such as following, 'liking' and commenting. We have big plans for the site in 2016, with a long list of exciting features scheduled to be implemented. Watch this space!


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