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BPIF Cartons eLearning Platform

The BPIF Cartons eLearning platform has been set up by the organisation that represents the UK carton industry to benefit it's members (whether converters or suppliers) to provide an education tool for those who wish to improve their knowledge and receive formal certification.

The Brief:

BPIF Cartons came to us asking for a custom system that allowed them to set up online tests for their member's employees to take. BPIF Cartons would recognising successful students with an annual award and each participating company would also offer various incentives for their employees passing modules.

Our Solution:

Powered by WordPress CMS, the BPIF Cartons eLearning platform is an innovative system that allows users the chance to take a variety of modules based upon topics relating to their industry. Each module consists of a downloadable module resource, and a serious of questions selected randomly from a pool so that no two tests are exactly the same. Once the employee has passed a module by getting a set number of questions correct, a BPIF Cartons eLearning certificate is automatically generated and available to download and print off. The system has multiple user levels with different user permissions allowing, for example, a company to login and see which of their employees had passed and failed each module.


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