Why is Chrome marking my site as insecure?

As of Chrome 68 launched within the last few days (July 2018), Google Chrome has started marking all sites as insecure if they don't have an SSL certificate.

Chrome has been helping move the web to https everywhere to help ensure the privacy of website visitors. They have been using an incremental approach, which makes it more and more necessary to have an SSL to look legitimate.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is used for encrypting the traffic between a user and the server, meaning that the data would be useless to someone listening in using a man in the middle attack.

Is my site really insecure?

This notice is just an indication that traffic isn't encrypted, the notification is not picture of your site security as a whole, but Google have decided that an SSL is the minimum required to deem a site secure.

Should I get an SSL

We would certainly recommend it, Google Chrome has by far the largest market share of browsers so in terms of looking legimate or professional, you certainly wouldn't want visitors seeing a message that your site is insecure. In addition Google search engine has for quite some time given preference to sites with SSL in their rankings.

How do I get an SSL certificate?

Please contact us to discuss getting an SSL on your website.